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Located in Los Angeles, Kerlan-Jobe Surgery Center pairs a highly trained medical team with cutting-edge technology and patient-focused care. We are dedicated to addressing outpatient orthopedic surgery, pain management, and more for our patients in Southern California. Our facility strives to be extremely efficient and less stressful for the patient compared to other medical facilities. From our pleasant atmosphere to our helpful staff, we are leading the way in excellent surgical care.

When patients come to Kerlan-Jobe Surgery Center, they can expect ground-breaking techniques that have been proven successful for thousands of athletes, working professionals, and patients from all walks of life. Utilizing modern medical advances, we make it possible for patients to have surgery and return home the same day, while still offering an extended recovery area. This commitment to provide a convenient and affordable alternative to overnight stays for patients has led to us being recognized as a center of excellence for outpatient surgery.